Authenticity and Success: the inward journey

Thank you to all my mentors... one of the greatest things I learned from many of you is, when we are authentic to our own self… 

to an ever evolving version of our best self... 

the success we achieve will always be more meaningful, relevant, and full of joy. It may not always be the quickest route to traditional “success”, yet it has led to a long lasting, high quality, and time-based success for many, including myself. Yes, it has also included a great deal of financial freedom, but let’s go back to the term I just used, 

“Time-Based Success.” I just made that up,

and what I mean by it is, success that includes the crafting of your own day, week, month, and life. To be able to craft the reality of each day in your life, you need time. To create time, you need to think about how you make your living…. Not so much what you do to make a living, but how you do it. 

When you focus on the how, you are much more likely to look at yourself and reflect on why you are…. This leads to a different level of authenticity.


Authenticity related to traditional and intrinsic success is quite often rooted in how well we know our own self. How aware we are of why we make the decisions we do, changes the kind of energy we project. 

What we project creates momentum. The kind of momentum we create is up to us, and it’s important. 

This is why, in many cases, you see individuals who begin to succeed in MULTIPLE areas of their life around the same time frame. For example, being self-aware of nutrition, how we treat people, and business, may not always appear to be connected, yet they are deeply connected. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to begin elevating your level of self-awareness.

  • Why do I do what I do for a living?
  • Why have I befriended the people in my life?
  • Why do I feel the way I feel physically and mentally?
  • How can I shift in any needed area to improve what needs improving?
  • How can I become more aware of my awareness?

Note: if you’re looking for some quick answers, explore my other blogs. It’s all there. If you’re looking for specific guidance, contact me.


Self-Love used to be a term that would create chuckles in some circles. I was once told that Van Gogh didn’t love himself, and still created great works of Art. I would never presume to know how well Van Gogh loved himself, and yes, he did create great works of Art, and I was also NEVER trying to connect self-love with success. Rather…

Self-Love is connected to the quality of someone’s life. Your quality of life impacts your internal success.

So, how do we improve our level of self-love? There are strategies. Again, this is something I teach as a public speaker and coach. There is no overnight pill or magical phrase that immediately takes anyone from zero to hero. It’s like anything else in life… it takes relevant practice, the replacing of negative habits, and time. Here are some very simple ones.

  • The words you never speak: mind your inner talk and choose to make them more positive.
  • The words you speak to yourself outloud: choose these words with care and remember you can be both honest and uplifting.
  • The words you speak to others is a reflection of your inner talk: tough love here - think about it.

Maybe you think that sounds fluffy, like no big deal, right? As a society, we used to think a lot of things. We used to consume sugar like it was healthy for us, and many still do. We used to think addressing medical symptoms was healthcare… now we know it’s not. What we do know is that there is great danger in believing we know everything.


I’ll leave you with two other areas of thought to consider regarding how you can improve both your authenticity and by default, your success on all levels. Think about how often you intentionally challenge yourself. 

The vast majority do not and thus, the vast majority suffer from complacency and boredom.

Lastly, how often do you choose to learn something new, on your own, without a nudge from someone else? As a society, we talk a lot about being life-long learners, and it’s often within domains where we feel comfortable. 

What I’m suggesting is learning something outside your comfort zone.

I know I’ve been reluctant at times to learn a new system, platform, etc., however, I now catch myself when I’m thinking in this “old” way, and I shift my thought.  Choose, right now, to up your level of authenticity. Look at yourself… really take an honest look… oh, and one more thing… take action. Without that, you’re just a pretty house with a white picket fence.




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