Balance? Is it a thing?

Balance… this word is used often. Sometimes it depicts the ability to hold a yoga pose, other times it can reference an emotional steadiness, and other times it is used to describe that middle ground between work and play. It is typically seen as a good thing, and it can be. However, what if the old adage “everything in moderation” were also true of balance?

Could too much balance create negative consequences?

I suppose the context would matter. For example, I have a difficult time envisioning having too much balance while holding a yoga pose. However, now that I really think about it, maybe there is a disadvantage to having too much balance, even with a yoga pose. Think about that moment while someone is attempting to find that perfect balance with a yoga pose. There is often some small twitching and/or shaking in certain parts of our body as we are in the process of attaining our best attempt at balance. All that shaking and twitching is in fact growth, and that bit of struggle, is a glorious part of yoga.

Without some struggle, there is no profound growth.

So am I saying that if someone were to live in perfect harmony, in a perfect balance, that there would be potential negative consequences? I think I am, and honestly, that surprises me. It surprises me because I am an optimist, and I believe happiness to be of profound importance. There’s another word we use a lot… happiness. What is happiness?

Is it a static state of being, or is it something that is in motion, something which can evolve?

For example, I used to be an emotional wreck when my wife Marie, who is my best friend,  lover, and artistic colleague, would be gone on tour for a week to a month. Over time, she has taught me to “enjoy the missing of someone.” It’s taken me a while, and I do enjoy that now. So, I have found happiness in missing someone… what?!?! I am astounded by this, because I know myself, and I know my main love language is quality time and the idea of being happy because I miss someone I love, is simultaneously strange and comforting.

So how does all that relate to balance? Here is my take on it:

Instead of worrying about and spending energy trying to find the perfect balance between my wife’s schedule and mine (we are both performing artists and educators, and I have several other areas of interest/passion/expertise), because we are both very busy, I see myself already in perfect balance in each moment.

The result? My stress levels are at an all-time low, my health at an all-time high, and I’m far more present in each moment.

One of my closest colleagues, friends, and brilliant performing artist, thinker and educator, Rick Wamer, puts it this way:

There is no stillness, there is only movement. Stillness is an illusion. What we call stillness or inner stillness, or “in balance” is observing the motion and energy without engaging it.

I no longer see balance in a statistical manner. I don’t interpret the question “Am I in balance?” as a question that has a finite answer. In fact, I don’t even ask that question anymore. Another example: My “work” and my “play”. A traditional approach is working Monday thru Thursday or Friday and playing on the weekend. If this works for you, keep rocking it out. You’ll receive no judgement from me, and I do offer you something to consider.

What if your work was your play and your play was your work?

I’ve been living that way for about 19 years. Keep in mind that 19 years ago, when I first founded what is now the Global Learning Foundation, I wasn’t even aware that I was living that way, because I was just beginning to. It’s been a gradual shift for me. While it might appear to some that I always work, I offer you this thought.

What if I was always playing and working? Working and playing?

I can hear the contrary response, and it makes me smile, because that used to be me. Again, no judgement, just sharing this concept which has led to a higher quality of life for me. Here’s an odd example, but one that really makes the point.

Marie and I love beaches. Soon after you read this blog, we’ll be celebrating our 26th anniversary on a beach to remain unnamed. We’ll be chillin, eating fresh fish, and gazing upon natural beauty. We will also, as we tend to do, talk about life, love, family, and more. When we have these kinds of profound, yet simple conversations, it always ignites my mind. I begin to think about and talk out loud about how I can take what I’m doing and improve upon it. I begin to see ways to elevate the communities I live in… but hold on! I’m supposed to be on vacation…

What if our vacation was our work and our work was our vacation?

I will say, that this is possible because of something my parents taught me, and that is…

Do what your passionate about.

When we do that, we can reinvent the role and the definition of balance. Reinventing feels very good. Trust me… I think I now do that on a daily basis without even thinking about it. If this resonates with you, I encourage you to seek me out at the following link. If you’re ready for that next journey in your life, I’ll hear from you soon. If you love the journey you’re already on, know that I am cheering you on.



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