iBG® LifeTime Brain Game Certification

Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity for Early Childhood Business Owners, Consultants, and Parents: 

Become an iBG® Brain Game Certified Practitioner to      Improve Learning & Prepare your early childhood  business for more success in 2021 and beyond!

Did you know that if you don’t challenge your brain (at any age), it will stop developing in healthy ways? Try copying this simple iBG® brain game you see Sam the Ant® doing in the video below!

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Many people think that healthy routines in their life don't have to be changed... NOT TRUE! The same unchanged routines CREATE an OLD BRAIN at ANY AGE.

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2021 iBG® Certificate

Many people think that when their child is using any digital device that they are building their brain safely... NOT TRUE! They aren't moving as much, and their brain is getting lazy. Lot’s of research on that right here

There is a SOLUTION to the massive Brain Challenge in today’s digital world that WILL ALSO HELP YOUR EARLY CHILDHOOD BUSINESS rise to a new level in 2021! Try copying me in this iBG® brain game below. Remember, there is no failing... just the process of getting better!

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iBG® Lifetime Certification include all of this for $99!

  • 4 hr course live webinar and recorded on Jan. 24 US times, 7:30 - 9:30AM and 9:30 - 11:30PM
    • How to use iBG®
    • How to market your program with iBG®
    • How to inspire children and families and authentically grow
    • Why and how to make learning physical, & grow your client base
  • Life-Time Certification
  • Usage of both Sets 1 & 2 of all 30 iBG® Brain Games PLUS 15 more in 2021!
  • Usage of all iBG® brain games on any device, anytime you want!
  • Unique and Impressive Certificate
  • iBG Coursework via PDF
  • 1 year unlimited access to iBG® brain games INCLUDED (BONUS: Renewable at only $27 USD annually for both individuals and schools, normally $2,000)

The benefits include…

  • Improved Focus
  • Improved Mental Clarity
  • Improved Decision Making
  • Improved Academic and Social Emotional Growth
  • Reduced Stress

What does this mean for your children and business?

  • Dealing with stress in healthier ways
  • Increasing ability to stay focused for longer periods of time
  • Improving work performance
  • Improving ability to grow your client base
  • Understanding how to market your program locally and globally with iBG®
  • Building a better brain for the future

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Thousands of children and adults have used these brain games and they love how they feel after using iBG®!! Check out these Adults creating better brains!

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Hi, I’m Enrique Hank Feldman, a 2-Time Grammy Nominated Performing Artist who's worked with over 135,000 children and families as part of my Global Learning Foundation. I invented iBG® in 2000, and now I'm bring it to YOU, THE CHILDREN & FAMILIES YOU SERVE, and YOUR EARLY CHILDHOOD BUSINESS.

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JANUARY 24th Webinar (Live and Recorded)

7:30-9:30AM, MST, U.S. (8PM, India Standard Time)


9:30-11:30PM, MST, U.S. (January 25, 10AM, India Standard Time)

LISTEN to what one of the GLOBAL LEADERS in LEARNING has to say.

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In an academic study from 2001 - 2004, students using iBG® brain games did better in school than students not using iBG® (Living Like a Child, Redleaf Press, 2011).

Statistic #1: Improved Math Skills

iBG® group: 42% ended up in the highest academic achieving group

Non-iBG® group: only 20%


Statistic #2: Improved Science Skills

iBG® group: 50% ended up in the highest academic achieving group

Non-iBG® group: only 24%


Statistic #3: Language and Literacy

iBG® group: 92.90% ended up in the highest percentile rank

Non-iBG® group: only 78.04%

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  • Set 3 of iBG® brain games (15 more!) FREE in 2021 when you REGISTER BEFORE JANUARY 23!


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