Empowering Visualizations for Long-Term Success

We visualize all day long.

Every single one of us does this.

Are you aware that you visualize all day long? Are you intentional with what you visualize?

  • Have you ever walked out of a movie pumped up? You see a movie you really enjoyed and you walk out of the theatre wanting to do something, be something, change something.  Whatever you saw was an overt example of guided visualizations. There was imagery, music, and spoken word and you allowed yourself to be immersed in that visualized context. It could be a positive and/or negative experience. It could relaxing and/or tense.
  • You’re having a conversation with someone and during that conversation, you think of something either related or not related to that conversation. This is by default connected to an emotion, reaction, and perhaps an image.

What I’m talking about is choosing your own imagery, throughout your day and your routines.

How often? Completely up to you.

I encourage you to choose your own imagery often. It could be like taking a “how to I want to feel” break whenever you choose to.

How so?

The energy of thought can now be measured. So, for anyone who doesn’t already understand that our thoughts matter and that they play a central role in our quality of life and the many kinds of success which can be manifested, know that the imagery you choose (or allowed to be chosen for you), is a game changer.

We’ve all seen this happen concretely many times in our lives… every week, even every day.

You see multiple people in a similar physical and emotional setting, and you also see different reactions to those settings.

We all have an “imagery bank account” and when we keep that bank account filled with imagery which is positive, inspiring, and adventurous, this has a direct impact on how we live, learn and love.

I’ve been asked, “what imagery do you use? What kinds of visualizations are most effective?”

That’s a great question. The best answer I have is, “What may be most effective for me may not be that effective for you.” The best kinds of visualizations are ones which are meaningful to you, and which create a positive reaction inside you.

While I’m not going to share specific visualizations in this blog, I am instead going to share different visualization genres. Use these as a guide and enjoy creating your own.


Person’s Face
The image of a person who has supported you can be very healing and inspiring.

Person’s Words
Specific words which have been spoken to you which made a difference live, can make a difference in this visual “recording” in your head.

Place you’ve visited
Natural settings can be both soothing and inspiring to reach for higher ground.

Place you want to visit
As long as you have an image in your mind which is detailed, you can use any image to calm and/or ignite your sense of self, accomplishment, compassion, and truly anything.

Seeing yourself take action, like sprinting, leaping, etc., can have a very real impact on your energy and mindset.

A setting, image, “made up movie scene” if you will, can be personalized and built upon. For example, let’s say you choose to start with the action of running on a sidewalk to energize yourself. You could then place that sidewalk in the sky and run upwards. You could then place a door at the end of the sidewalk, which is suspended in the sky, open it and jump through. This could reference many things, such as the ideas of taking action and risk when needed.

Visualizing yourself reaching a goal, achieving a benchmark, and simply completing a simple task, can have a positive impact on your mindset in general.

The universe is your oyster. Literally you can create any sort of imagery. It could be based on color, a texture, a scent, etc. Find what trigger your inner sense of genius and run with it.

Enjoy and reach out to me with any questions.



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