Feeding Your Brain

Today I have the energy of a person in their mid 30’s. My happiness level is very high and I’m able to switch mental gears very quickly from one project, to a performance, to a workshop and more. When I was actually in my early 30’s, my energy was that of a 50 year old… topsy-turvey!

There are many variables which impacted this turn around.  One of the key variables is an improved physical health.  I don’t diet anymore.  I have educated myself on what healthy eating can be.  As the cook for my family, I have reimagined what healthy eating looks like and can taste like.  Do I have some cheat meals… well… sort of.  I do sometimes eat foods that I know are not the best for me, but it’s not often, and I don’t consider them a cheat anymore.  I consider the big picture and don’t beat myself up when I decide to indulge.

TIMELINE: When I was in my mid 20’s to about age 40.

All fats are bad.  That’s what I thought.  To improve my health, I thought I had to cut down on any kind of fat, and I was wrong.

TIMELINE: Now (from about age 40 - current age of 51 as of July 15, 2017)

I have experienced dramatic improvement in my health by eating many healthy fats on a daily basis.  I’m much healthier than when I used to try and avoid fats and even used to eat many so-called “low fat” foods.  I learned that when we don’t provide our body with enough healthy fats, our brain thinks it’s in starvation mode and decides that our body needs to hold on to fats.

So what is a healthy fat?  Here is a list of some of the ones I eat often, with some basic examples of what context in which they are eaten.  There are a lot of variables and I’ll be sharing a lot of them, one at a time, because that is how I was able to change a lot of my habits… one at a time.  I simply kept layering on better habits on top of good ones.  Enjoy these healthy fats and you’ll be on your way to experiencing your best self.  Trust me, you’ll feel more inspired, younger and energetic!


I chose these two because you can make many things with them, they’re delicious, and they are extremely healthy for your brain.


When you’re making eggs, vegetables, or any kind of protein, simply use this instead of any other oil.  There is a triple filtered coconut oil, that doesn’t have the flavor of coconut.  However, know that coconut oil is very subtle in flavor and if you’re combining it with savory and/or spicy notes like garlic or chile, it’s very mild in flavor.  Olive oil is healthy, but only in an uncooked state.  When olive oil is heated, especially on high heat, it becomes rancid and loses its healthy properties.  Depending on the temperature in your home, coconut oil can go from liquid to solid, and that’s alright. You also don’t need to use a lot, because it goes a long way, so it’s very affordable.


Oh yeah… butter! I’ll sometimes cook with this instead of coconut oil, and here are two more ways to use it that will make you feel like you’re having a sinful meal/drink, when in fact, you’re setting up your body and brain for success.

Steel-Cut Oatmeal: I use honey instead of sugar and I add almond milk instead of dairy (For 1 cup of steel oats I use 3 cups of water and 1 cup of almond milk).  I like to add two very ripe bananas into the cooking oats about half way through so the banana completely breaks down and its flavor is in every bite.  Then… I add the butter… about 2 - 3 Tablespoons!  Creamy, buttery, smooth, a little texture with the steel-cut oats and any other spices you like in your oatmeal.

Bulletproof Coffee or Green Tea

  • Make some coffee or green tea (I suggest organic)
  • Put the coffee in a blender
  • Add some butter (My favorite brand is Kerrygold; approx. 2 - 3 tablespoons for 3 -4 cups of coffee)
  • Add some coconut oil (equal amount as butter)

Blend them and you end up with a frothy, delectable and healthy drink!

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