Flow & Space: Are You Ready To Really Set Some 2020 Goals?

Happy New Year!

I took the first couple of weeks of 2020 off from blogging. One, I desired a break from writing, and two, I wanted to catch any of you who perhaps have either:

  • Not set any new ideas in motion for 2020, or…
  • Have set some goals and are already struggling with your effort level and/or mindset.

I’m not here today to pump you up or shame you for not having put more wood into your internal fire. I’m here to share with you how I stay consistent with my effort level and mindset. I prefer to do this outside of any human-made benchmarks and/or somewhat random dates which we are “supposed” to use as our own guidelines. For example, the beginning of 2020, and the beginning of any new year is a time for renewal, right? What about March 18, June 3, Sept. 14 or Nov. 8? I encourage you to consider…

  • Setting your own time(s) for renewal.
  • Cycling through your own goals and edit, adjust, delete, and/or add as needed.
  • Embracing opportunities which make sense with your own flow of creativity and production.
  • Being open to changing your flow of creativity and production.


What does this cool word mean? It has many meanings. I reference it today as your work/creative flow. So, not just a concept, but the actual things you do in a given day. Some of you might have the same flow each day, especially Monday - Friday. If you like that kind of consistency in your workflow, that’s great. If you don’t, think about what kind of flow you would like. Below is my flow from my day today.

January 17, 2020 Flow

  • Overslept a bit… intentionally
  • Drank my usual amount of water with my staple of plant-based enzymes
  • 9AM - 12PM Led 4 consecutive yoga sessions for students with Autism at The Abbie School

Note: I didn’t get my usual meditation/mantras in because I overslept a bit, so instead, integrated those into my yoga sessions. This also created a wonderful opportunity for me to share this kind of work with young students (ages 5 - 12).

  • 12:30PM Had lunch (my first meal because I fast intermittently) with my partner and wife, Marie and 2 friends of ours at an incredible and very affordable Indian restaurant.
  • 2PM Went to a coffeehouse to meet a colleague, but that individual ended up not showing up. Instead I focused on my organic approach to marketing, wrote this blog, reviewed some of my Foundation partnerships, and met with a different colleague of mine.
  • 4PM I picked up scores for an orchestral performance I’m conducting later in May.
  • Went home to make toasted oatmeal for dinner, and leftovers for Marie to take on a road trip she has tomorrow, and for a small road trip I have tomorrow for a keynote.
  • Did some reading.
  • Went to see a movie with Marie

When I say, “take note of your flow”, what I mean is:

  1. Do you spend more time planning than you do taking action?
  2. When you take action, do you stay constricted to only that action, or are you open to other possible opportunities taking place as part of what you are creating/completing?
  3. Are there smaller, yet important, actions you can integrate into your flow?
  4. Do you have fun during your day?


This is something I’ve had to work on. Not that I’m not improving my flow. Flow comes more naturally to me, yet Space, not so much. When I say space, there are various kinds of space. What I mean today is:

  • Leaving time during my flow to consider, contemplate, and/or just be… yes, just be, without doing anything.
  • Learning that “doing nothing” is doing a lot for our own self-care, including brain health, mindset, and productivity.
  • Understanding that mental clarity increases dramatically when we allow for time to be with our own self, and mind.
  • Embracing the idea that mental clarity improves our ability to flow.

If this concept is foreign to you, I understand. Here’s what I suggest in order to begin to connect with Space:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Eat slower and when you eat, like my Nana used to say, just eat and enjoy the food… put everything else down.
  • Spend more time in nature and enjoy the simple pleasures we often overlook, such as the color of the sky, and the breeze moving the leaves.

This was an introductory session. I’ll write more on this in the future, as this is a big part of what I do when I speak and train for-profits and non-profit organizations. We often look for improved outcomes, and sometimes forget to treat more than the symptoms. To awaken our essence, we need to connect with own self via flow and space.



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