From Grateful to Gratitude

Since I was a young student in what was then called Junior High, and is now called Middle School, I used goal setting to help me stay focused on what I wanted to achieve. My mom is the one who introduced this idea to me, and I am so grateful for that advice. Goal setting has worked for me. At first, like many people, my goals were more easily attainable than later as an adult. This is most likely because the variables were simpler.

As an adult in my early 40’s, I changed the name of  my goals list to my grateful list.

I did this with the intention of changing the emotional connection I had and still have with the goals I set for myself. The content of my goals didn’t really change, although they did evolve over time. What did change was adding a first person statement to what were my goals. For example:

Increasing my number of public speaking engagements by 50% became I am filled with gratitude and excitement as I get to impact the lives of thousands of people in different walks of life, by increasing the number of public speaking engagements by 50%.


Read those two statements outloud and think about how you respond internally to each of them. For me, the first one reads like a statistic, while the second one reads like a story. A story that is about something I’m passionate about. The story connects me to a vision of helping many people. That vision excites me in an authentic manner.

Our brains react to our thoughts in concrete ways. When our brain is sent emotionally charged messages, and when we send them to ourselves, our brain picks up on the added energy. This is of course a description in non-scientific terms. The bottom line is…

Emotionally charged thoughts lead to a greater chance of us achieving our goals.

The next strategy I began to play with, was changing my own personal mantras from “I am grateful” to “I am Gratitude.”

I began to personify the energy of gratitude.

I wasn’t sure if this was going to have any noticeable impact. It did. My most recent set of mantras have become:

  • I am Gratitude
  • I am Love
  • I am Champion

For my own growth purposes, gratitude was specific to all the work I am involved in regarding speaking, learning, teaching, performing, and creating. Love referenced my own state of self-love. Even more specific, for me it references my internal health. Champion was my way of envisioning my external/physical health. I don’t believe there is one size fits all. On the contrary, I encourage you to play with ways which make your goals list come to life.

I still have a goals list, but it’s name is Gratitude List.

I’m still grateful, and in addition, I am Gratitude.

Think about it. Become it… awaken and invite your best self to come out and play.



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