From Overwhelmed to RELAXED and THRIVING

Have you ever planned for more good things to come your way, envisioned it, worked towards it, and then it begins to happen? When the work that you’ve envisioned comes in, sometimes all at once, have you ever felt overwhelmed?

Have you ever envisioned things, like more income and happiness to become a part of your life, and it doesn’t happen as soon as you’d like? Or perhaps it doesn’t happen at all? When this happens, have you ever felt overwhelmed?

I’m going to take an educated guess and say that when you feel overwhelmed, you’re having many thoughts run across your mind, or your mind may feel like it’s blank. When you feel overloaded, it’s like trying to read a white board or any document that has so much information on it, you have trouble reading it, much less trying to look for any patterns.


TIP #1: Breathe

There are so many kinds of breathing. One of my favorites is one that helps you clear your mind, and increase the flow of energy and thought. This type of breathing is related to water. 

Think about what Bruce Lee meant when he said, “Be the water.”

Breathe in through your nose and out your mouth, fully, deeply, and in a relaxed manner. At first your breath may be shaky, and that would be a sign of you holding tension. Keep breathing until the shakiness either lessens, or hopefully goes away completely. How long this takes depends on how much stress your holding.


TIP #2: Smile

When you feel overwhelmed you probably don’t feel like smiling, especially a forced smile, and that’s still what I want you to do, while still breathing. Specific portions of your brain will interpret any smile, even a forced one, as a sign that you are feeling more relaxed, and that you desire to feel better in general. Hold the smile, and if you’re like me, you might even have what I call, “A slight giggle that you do not want to have.” I asked myself why I would not want to laugh, and when I was honest with myself, I reluctantly came upon the answer.

I wasn’t ready to laugh or smile, because I was too used to feeling overwhelmed. It was almost as if a part of me wanted to feel badly for myself… like I wanted to pity myself.

I’m not judging anyone with this comment. I’m simply describing my experience. Hold the smile and continue to breathe.


TIP #3: Move

You choose the movement. Jumping Jacks, a brisk walk, yoga, dancing, etc. Continue to breathe, and now, let the exhalation be whatever it needs to be. What works for me is letting the exhalation turn into a pretty loud “Ahhhhhh.”

Too Simple?

If you’re thinking that this sounds too simple, consider how simple it is to cook a steak. It’s simple enough, salt and pepper, sear each side and finish in the oven. Yet, many people destroy the steak. It’s simple enough to make an omelette, right? How many people overcook their eggs?





Best wishes to you in all your endeavors!


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