GRATITUDE: The Path to Empowerment

Long ago I renamed my goals list to my gratitude list and there was a significant shift in both the amount of synergy and the quality of that synergy in my life. Why?

Our thoughts have a biological impact on us.

The energy of thoughts can be measured, so whether you want to approach this question from a scientific and/or spiritual aspect, the result is the same. Our thoughts, our mind, have a concrete impact on how we engage as human beings.

As usual, I like to empower others, not only with concepts, but with concrete takeaways you can implement in your daily routines immediately. This allows you to create whatever kind of change you wish to. With that in mind, here are some simple, yet profound ways of embracing gratitude in your life. These are strategies I have used with great success, both personally and professionally.


Choose a person or something in your life you are grateful for. Breathe in and out, deeply and relaxed, and envision that person or thing that puts a smile on your face. Physically smile and remind yourself how thankful you are in as specific a manner as possible.

Visualize and sense the emotion that is attached with this person or thing.


Breathe in and out deeply and remind yourself how grateful you are to be able to move, and workout as you are doing. Thank yourself for having the energy and will to be there in that moment, taking care of yourself.

Visualize and sense the healthiest version of you already inhabiting your body and mind.


Breathe in and out deeply and remind yourself how thankful you are for the simple pleasures in your life. It might be having a water bottle nearby, or having some natural light coming in through a window. It might be that you have a job, or that you work for yourself. Whatever it is, choose to be grateful for it in an authentic manner.

Visualize and sense the rest of your day going in the most positive of ways.


Breathe in and out deeply and in a relaxed manner, and remind yourself to be thankful for the ability to eat, the ability to swallow your beverage, and the ability to have hands with which to pick up utensils. Remind yourself of how grateful you are that you have time to eat!

Visualize your digestive system breaking everything you eat down to the amino acid level, and sense the energy from the nutrients you are ingesting.


Breathe in and out, filling up completely and getting all of the air out. Be grateful for the simple pleasures in your life. It might be that get to work with a friend, or get ot make new ones, or that you get to work alone. Whatever you have, choose to be grateful for that.

Visualize and sense the energy of gratitude coming from you and extending to others.


Breathe in and out, in a deep and relaxed manner. Be grateful that you have more than one meal everyday, or if you can only afford this one meal, be grateful for that. Be grateful that someone planted, picked, cleaned and cooked to make that meal possible.

Visualize and sense the nutrients in that meal healing your body in foundational ways.


Breathe in and out, in a deep and relaxed manner with your loved one. Speak words that describe your gratefulness for them and to them. Ask them to describe what they think of when they consider the concept of gratitude.

Visualize and sense a flow of gratitude going back and forth between you and your loved one.


  • Visualize several people and/or things, or places you are grateful for.
  • Visualize your energy of gratitude and joy for another day to come.

Enjoy the energy of gratitude and share this post…



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