Brain Training and Self Care

How Brain Training is a form of Self-Care and leads to more success

Would you like to experience a higher level of success personally and professionally? From improving your relationships, to your business skills, to how you learn, have you thought about what is at the root cause of your challenges? Whether you’re in sales, education, healthcare, or the food industry, there are certain fundamentals, which when attended to create a much higher level of success.

Have you ever taken simple things for granted? Have any of those simple things ended up being profound moments, which when looked back upon, you wish you’d been more present and more aware of the importance and/or beauty?

How much thought have you given to your brain and the amount of unused potential you have in and with your brain? 


Have you considered all it takes from your brain to make simple things like walking, breathing, and cellular maintenance to happen on a second-to-second, minute-to-minute, hour-to-hour, and daily basis?

Your brain uses around 20% of your body’s total energy needs, MORE ENERGY than any other organ in your body! Part of this is used for your moment to moment need for electrical impulses related to your neurons job and desire to send signals. Additionally, a significant portion is used for essential neuro-housekeeping, which is critical in keeping your body performing at whatever level you choose. Nutrition is a part of this large equation, and part of what many leading scientists call nutrition includes this idea of cellular maintenance, which is deeply foundational to our quality of life and longevity. Check out the article I referenced above for more details.

So, if our brain demands around 20% of our body’s total energy…


  • Is it possible for you to be more efficient with that 20% of energy being used?
  • Is it possible for you to create more efficient neural pathways which can handle more energy?
  • Is it possible for us to use our brain in ways which allow us to be more relaxed and efficient? 
  • Can a more efficient and resilient brain lead to a higher level of neuro self-care?
  • How much is our self-care impacted by having a healthy brain?

While we have some research on the positive impact of brain training on the learning capability of children, along with improved mental clarity, focus of attention, and lower stress for both youth and adults, there is still much to learn. As I continue to lead my foundation as we serve schools, non profit organizations, and corporate entities, we have made a connection between the training of our brain as an effective and profound form of self-care. 


What does the connection between brain training and self-care look like?


  • Physical and Musical Brain Games being integrated into daily routines
  • Perspective-based physical experiences being integrated into daily routines
  • The embracing of new perspectives in order to ignite more curiosity throughout the day
  • Creating external and internal environments which support transformative thinking and actions

That’s just a start! If you’re interested in learning more, at no cost, I invite you to my new group on Facebook, Grow your Mind which offers free monthly masterclasses, and robust weekly tips. I really geek out on all of this, so I end up offering lots of bonus tips and brain game experiences.

Whether you’re reading this blog from the perspective of a parent, business owner, teacher, student, entrepreneur, CEO, team leader, or simply an interested human being, I can promise you this…


Train your brain to be more curious with new perspectives and experiences, or be alright with choosing to age neurologically. Staying neurologically young takes effort, and those efforts can be exhilarating!



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