How to Be More Effective and Happier: Understanding the Clues in Our Emotional Responses Part 1 of 2


While I was working at a major university I noticed my feelings were changing from “excited and engaged” to “tired and bored”. It didn’t happen overnight, and there were large portions of that job I loved. However, the fact that I was experiencing emotions similar to boredom surprised me greatly.

Clue: my emotional response was changing for the first time and I found it was impacting my creativity and efficiency.

I had always been laser focused, and my habit of being a goal setter and driven had always worked to my favor. What I didn’t realize was that, in part, the habits I had built to rise to a certain level of mastery were now habits that were keeping me from continued growth. It was not until almost 20 years after the fact, that I had that realization. Fortunately I listened to my instinct, and made some changes. I began to ask myself different questions such as, “How many activities I had a passion for would it take to match my income as a University Professor?” This led to a different emotional response.

Clue: my emotional response was changing again, to a feeling of liberation. This, in addition to my continued habit of setting goals and being driven, led to a sense of deep satisfaction.

Curiosity and creativity became a part of my experience again, and grew over time. The same habit of setting goals and being laser-focused was working again! Why? Perspective.

Awareness: I became aware that perspective, specifically embracing multiple perspectives, was a key to my renewed success and happiness.


When we become aware of our own awareness, our decision making process becomes streamlined. We make better decisions we are able to see what we are doing objectively. However that is easier said than done. Here’s a slightly more concrete look at this idea:

When we understand that our emotions do not have to define us, we can create new paradigms, patterns of thought, and habits.

I’ve been using this idea for sometime, and recently in reading a book titled Mindsight, by Dr. Daniel Siegel, these ideas have been described to me from Dr. Siegel’s perspective. A must read by the way!

On my next blog on Feb. 19, I’ll share part 2 of this blog, so stay tuned!  For now, my suggestions are:

  • Track you emotional responses
  • Choose your perspective



P.S. I want to recognize the source of the image I used today. Check out this blog!

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