How to Elevate Your Thinking and Connect With Anyone

How often do you take the extra bit of time to identify the essential points of any project, personal relationship, and/or partnership?

How often do we reflect on what’s already going very well, and then think about how we can replicate the thoughts, efforts and steps it took to create that positivity?

How often do we focus on what’s not going right, and inadvertently, give that all, or most, or a great deal of our energy?

Our thinking dictates the energy we give to others, in any situation. How we think determines the quality of our thoughts, which in turn truly manifests in the people with whom we connect. The quality of our thoughts impacts how and to whom we connect. Both the energy we give and receive is impacted directly by the quality of our own thoughts. Some call this the Law of Attraction. 

I call it the Law of Connection

I’m a fan of both concepts and concrete actions. Here are some of the latter.

  • In any situation, especially adverse ones, ask yourself, “What outcome do I want to create in this moment?” The key here is that you should be thinking or listening. This one key strategy is not possible while talking… not really. You can justify to yourself that it is, and you’ll find that your optimally desired outcome is not accomplished in a non-listening, and talking mode.
  • Using the question, “What Else?” creates open space and curiosity in any conversation. The response is sometimes, “What do you mean? What else what?” Your next comment, hopefully a question, is less important than HOW you respond. Whatever you ask or state, will lead to a better outcome if you are:
    • Authentic
    • Playful
    • Invitational (inviting authentic response)
    • Trusting in the process

You might notice that what I’m suggesting, and what I’ve used for most of my life is the use of questions of others to elevate my thinking. When we ask questions, especially ones which create a sense of wonder, joy and interest, we are creating invitations for others to trust us. Why? Because they unconsciously feel that you care, just enough, to even ask such a question.

Think about the kinds of questions you ask (or don’t), ask them, and sit back and enjoy the response of others, and

your own journey from thinking to thinker



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