How to Embrace and Use Change as a Catalyst

Quite often we think of CHANGE as something that we HAVE TO change or as something that someone else is GOING TO CHANGE about us.

That’s not the perspective of change I’m referencing.

This blog is about embracing change, by choice, as a means to the following (in this order):

  • Broadening one’s perspective
  • Expanding one’s comprehension of what is possible in any walk of life
  • Improved success personally
  • Improved success professionally
  • A new way of living

Each one of those could be its own blog. I’ve learned to embrace the perspective of less is more. That is one example of me embracing change in my life as a new way of living.

There are many ways to embrace change. I think, for the most part, that many of us know how to engage the first bullet point above. If not, I direct you to explore my other blogs, many of which directly and indirectly reference this. I’m going to share a concrete example of the second bullet point.

How to expand one’s comprehension of what is possible in any walk of life

  • Write down any idea you have or have had.
  • Expand on what you have written and break it down into areas of “action”
  • Everyday do something, anything, no matter how small or large, to expand on the action part of each step. Taking some type of action would be an excellent move.

Here is one example:

When I had the idea of what today is known iBG®, Intellectual Brainwave Games, they were just a set of brain games that I began to play around with, connected loosely to conducting exercises I grew up with related to conducting orchestras, bands, and choirs. When I wrote down the idea it simply stated.

  • Brain Games
  • Cross the Midline in time with Music
  • Make a bunch and see what happens

That’s it… simple… then I began to take action in the form of playing the brain games with many children over years. Over time I would add to what I had written. Today, this is what it looks like in written form.

  • Project Title & Creator: iBG®, Enrique
  • Format: Live, Video, App depending on venue
  • Genre/Sub-genres: Brain Game for all ages
  • Potential Market: Global
  • Logline: See if you can do with your body what Sam the Ant or Enrique is doing!
  • Synopsis: A set of brain games created in 2001, with over 300 to date, played live with different ages to engage neurological growth in a playful way. The brain games eventually turn into videos with no words spoken, so that any culture is invited to play, grow and learn. The key elements are tempo, rhythmic consonance, frequency, crossing of midline, recognition of patterns, execution of patterns in a scaffolded manner.

This idea started as a simple idea of crossing the midline and today has become a set of online games which are being used in many different settings all over the country (

Anything is possible.  First…




Then play,



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