How to Get Over Your Fear and Move Forward

Indecision… in a fog… paralyzed…

These are just a few of the terms I’ve heard people use to describe their state of mind and body when having trouble coping, surviving and thriving. When I left a safe job at a major University, I felt, for really the first time, some of these feelings. Fortunately, I had been taught how to react in this manner.  I was taught that:

Action cures fear

First I had to be aware that I was experiencing fear, followed by embracing the fear. That might be a new concept for you… it was for me. The idea of embracing fear sounded odd to me. At the time I thought, “That doesn’t make sense. Why would I embrace fear? Isn’t that like embracing negativity?” What I came to understand, and what I’m sharing with you is that when we “embrace our fear”, it doesn’t mean we should live with fear. It means that we should be honest about what is making us experience fear. Once we are honest with our own self, we can then begin to move forward.  I’m a fan of simple and profound. So here it is again…  

Action cures fear

When you take action, even a small step, it immediately creates a sense of relief. It might be a very small amount of relief at first, but you can sense it. Here are some examples I’ve used and have seen used:

  • Doing some type of physical workout for 5 minutes, even if you’re tired.
  • Spending a little time organizing your calendar, especially when you feel overwhelmed.
  • Writing down one of your ideas for creating something new (as opposed to just thinking about it)
  • Asking for someone’s advice on a new idea of yours (as opposed to keeping all your ideas inside your head)
  • Taking that extra 30 seconds to send someone an email, text or phone call to tell them someone positive about what they have been doing.
  • Taking a minute to visualize something you want to achieve (yes, this is an action)
  • Spending small bits of time during your week, picking up a new skill (using a new set of words, learning some words in a different language, reading from an author you’ve never read before, trying a new food to develop your palate, etc.)

An important point to understand is:

  • It doesn’t a take huge action to cure fear
  • By “curing fear” I do not mean that the fear is gone immediately or forever
  • Ongoing action should take both mental and physical forms

Take some action today, everyday and create the kind of 2018 you desire.


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