Path to Success

How to Identify a Sustainable Path to Success

In my previous blog this month I spoke about the definition of success, and how anyone can embrace success. I spoke of having multiple passions in life and I asked what I hope were provocative questions, such as:

  • Are we supposed to stay focused on only one passion in our life?
  • Is it possible to sustain success with more than one passion?
  • Do I have multiple passions, or are they all part of one passion?

Hopefully you’ve done your homework and read that blog. Today I will take you through a more concrete process. Here are the steps I have taken which have fostered a sustainable path to success for me throughout my life, especially in the last decade. Some of these strategies were intentional, and others were not. Today they are all intentional, yet have become a part of my routines in an empowering manner. I don’t really have to think much about whether or not I have done them on a daily and/or weekly basis. They just are part of my evolving nature as a human being.

The importance of the START of your day

Some say you need to start your day really early, like 5am. I disagree, however, I will say that it needs to start relatively early, based on your schedule. Some say it needs to be the same exact start time for everyday. I strongly disagree. Structure is important, but like everything else, in moderation. Without shifting and rotating our routines, even well intended routines can lead to a sense of complacency, and can suffocate creativity. The following has worked wonders for me:

30 - 45 minutes

  • I drink 22 ounces of clean water with my plant-based nutritional supplements.
  • I take one dosage of CBD fluid (not an oil… that is important)
  • I then go back to bed for about 10 minutes to stretch out (That’s right, I go back to bed)
  • 10 minutes of meditation
  • Drink another 22 ounces of clean water with Pro-Argi9 for improved cellular health and energy
  • Start my LinkedIn search protocol
  • 11 min metabolic workout (30 on/30 off, or 20 on/10 off, or 45 on/30 off)

Your PERSPECTIVE on what pays your bills

In general, when my wife and I are paying our bills, which is mostly automated, we see this as a baseline. We run forecasts of our budget from time to time, and instead of seeing the paying of bills as “being done”, we see this as just a starting point, thus my usage of the word “baseline.” This helps me see beyond the immediate need, and reminds me to look beyond only our needs, and to give energy to our desires. Desires create a much different energy than needs.

Preparing for UNKNOWN and FUTURE Opportunities

How do we prepare for the unknown? I mean, if I were reading this, my reaction might be, “What the *%#*?!?!? Here is what I do:

  • Write down my ideas in my notes feature on my phone (for me this is sometimes singing melodies of music I’ll be writing later; business concepts; educational strategies; names of people with whom I will connect)
  • When I’m in meetings or in my home office, I think about who I can help and reach out to them.
  • I push my envelope regarding my health so I’m ready for a faster pace a decade later.
  • I embrace new opportunities to grow my skill sets before they are needed (new languages, new strategies, deeper understanding of personalities and love languages, new recipes, new experiences with others, etc.)
  • I practice old ideas which have helped me and attempt to refine them.
  • I take the time to practice new ideas with the energy of a young child.

Keep in mind the following, which has proven to be true for me over the years:

“If you don’t do more than you’re asked to do, you’ll never be asked to do more than you’re doing”

Being AWARE of your posture and energy flow

As I’m writing this blog, I have just made sure that my laptop screen is bent further away from me so I don’t jut my neck out. It’s small things like this which impact our posture, which impact our energy. Here are some simple things I do throughout the day to keep my energy consistent and present. I don’t do all of them in one day, well sometimes, but usually I pick and choose.

I like to think of keeping a reservoir of energy built up so that at any moment in my day, I can go into overdrive and metaphorically climb any hill that needs climbing.

  • Stand up and take 40 seconds for the Y, W, T, t posture exercise
  • Get down and do 10 - 50 pushups in 2 minutes to 5 minutes
  • Drink more water (as I do throughout the day)
  • Have some organic coffee (with grass-fed butter and coconut oil in a blender; 1 - 2x per week)
  • Have some green tea
  • Take a quick-paced walk for 10 minutes outside
  • Take a calm Yoga break for 10 minutes
  • Sit down and eat without my phone near me and either eat in silence or converse with someone that feeds my soul.

Using the energy of GRATITUDE with ADVERSITY

When I allow frustration to seep into my day, when challenges present themselves, when someone uses words or actions which I allow to create difficulty for me, I pause and do the following:

  • Breathe in a cycle of in for 2 seconds through the nose and out for 4 through my mouth (then 3/6, 4/8, back to 3/6 and 2/4 for about 2 -3 minutes, sometimes less)
  • I meditate on gratitude, specifically why I’m grateful for those people and things which present challenges for me.
  • I mentally list the things and people for which I’m grateful.

The importance of the END of your day

Whatever you do at the end of your day, find joy and embrace that energy. More specifically, here are some things I do at the end of the day.

  • Drink more water
  • Drink green tea
  • Take Plant-Based Full Spectrum enzymes on an empty stomach
  • Eat a little protein (soft boiled eggs and/or a little protein)
  • Stretch out or do some core work while I watch a cooking related show,  a strategy heavy sport, such as soccer, or a nature/science related show (I watch about 1 hour of TV per day. Some days none at all. I watch no news at all. I stay caught up on events by reading or listening to a fact-based radio/podcast source)
  • Hold my wife’s hand and talk about whatever comes up
  • Envision goodness for what took place today and for what will come tomorrow.

I encourage you to take this as your starting point, not your end point. Make this your own by adjusting to your own needs. Know that you can choose to manifest your own success, and define it as you will. It’s takes work, however, once you get on this kind of path, one which is true to who you are, you will feel lighter, and the work will feel more like play.

In abundance,


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