How to Improve your Quality of Life: flexible structure

The count is 3 balls and no strikes. Almost regardless of the other variables like the score, inning and runners on base, the structure of baseball would say, the batter should not swing on the next pitch, even though it’s always a fastball right down the middle of the plate.

For a long time, the structure of baseball said that you put baseball players in hitting positions in a lineup based on variables like their batting average and their power as a batter. Then Billy Bean, the coach of the Oakland A’s  came along and started looking at a different structure, one which looked at how often a batter gets on base, regardless of their batting average.

When you look at your own life, you can see the structure you have either created yourself, or which someone created for you. Either way, you can adjust that structure. Perhaps more so if you have already created your own structure.

What we think we know

It’s good to “know”, right? Let’s think about it. 

When we think we know something, or someone, we assume many things as we move forward. Whether it be a team project, a solo project, or a relationship. When we think we know, we take whatever structure we have created, from our own perspective, and we put it on autopilot. It’s like a racehorse with blinders. We become highly efficient at doing things…. within that structure… in that one way.

What we think is fixed in place

Connected to thinking we know, is the concept of what we believe to be unmovable. We all can easily make the mistake of believing that certain things are either fixed in place for a reason, or we stop considering why. For example, let’s take traditions. Some traditions are beautiful, and honoring in many ways. Some traditions even evolve. However some traditions are unhealthy, dishonoring and disrespectful. What happens when we put our own self in a “fixed” place?                     

What's it look like?

complacency and boredom


What happens when we realize we can adjust structure?

The moment I realized I could create my own structure was right around August of 1997, just before I resigned my tenure track position at the University of Arizona. However, I was so uncomfortable with the feeling of uncertainty, that I was unable to focus on all the upside. Over time I realized that we can liberate ourselves when we choose to create our own structure. You can do this, and I encourage you to read my other blogs, many of which go into the details of how to do this. There are many pieces to this puzzle, and the first step is to know that this is possible.


Time. Time is the endgame. At least, it’s been my endgame. I own my time. I create my schedule, and so can you. Even with the challenges which come when creating your own reality, the quality of life is…. Extraordinary. Why? Time

When you create more time for yourself…. When you create the reality of your days, weeks, and months, you then get to choose.

Choose what? Everything. You choose who you work with, when, and how. You choose what you want to create, and what you want to change. You choose when you eat a meal, what it is and who you want to eat it with.

This is what I do, because it’s what I live for…. What would that be, you might ask? To empower…. Who?


Be well hermano, hermano, brother, sister, and fellow human being,


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