How to Reimagine

When any challenge presents itself, how do you respond?  Do you have a protocol? Sometimes those work.

When you’re having to or choosing to restructure something, or reinvent something that isn’t working optimally any longer, how do you feel? Do you feel anxious or enthralled? Fearful or confident? Do you feel multiple emotions simultaneously?

Have you ever considered the foundational skills of being able to reimagine? As in, being able to reimagine anything. Over the years I have reverse-engineered how I do everything I do, keeping in mind that I have experienced exponential growth. That is to say, I’ve experienced consistent, yet what looked like slow growth in some areas over a period of years. Many seeds have been planted, and over the past couple of years, I have approached the tipping point. Some of the seeds which were planted are sprouting, and much like the real world of plants, these various projects (plants), are communicating and supporting each other.

As part of this self-mentoring process, I have been able to identify the foundational skills which allowed me to continually adjust and evolve. This would include a personal mission and/or evolving purpose. I didn’t use the term reimagine when this all started. Looking back, I can see more clearly. Not only have I been able to reimagine projects, and relationships, but also myself. Below are some of the basic’s so you can begin to reimagine yourself and your projects in concrete ways.

Learn to reimagine, not as a destination, but as a way of living.


Building your knowledge of multiple perspectives is critical to being able to:

  • Embrace new opportunities to grow
  • Thrive in normal day to day activities
  • Live in the eye of the hurricane: thrive in times which appear to create stress for most
  • Create the kind of energy needed for synergy in your life (some call this luck)

There are many ways to build our knowledge of multiple perspectives, ones which are new to us, and which stimulate new thoughts. My preference is to experience new perspectives, as opposed to reading about new ones. When someone has an experience which is physical in nature, the absorption rate of new information learned is approximately 90%. Also, keep in mind that new experiences do not, and should not occur only in the areas specific to our daily routines and/or preferences. This is because of the concept of “transference of knowledge.”

When we learn something refreshingly new in one area, it has an impact in other areas of our life.

This impact may happen quickly, and/or may take years to transfer. Often we’ll learn something from one experience in that moment, and then months or years later, we recognize even more depth of learning which has been transferred.

Imagine what would happen to you if you embraced new perspectives on a regular basis. Eventually, because of the nature of exponential growth, you end up with an overlapping of many pieces of knowledge which would come to you from previous experiences.

This is what I experience now. It’s essentially meeting the right people at the right time, with opportunities presenting themselves to me on a weekly basis. You can do this to!

My biggest challenge is identifying the things and people which are the best fit for a mutually beneficial exchange of energy. I’ve had to learn to say “not now,” “perhaps later”, and sometimes simply “no thanks.”

Here are some examples of HOW to expand your perspectives in life.


  • Brain
  • Breathing
  • Food/Nutrition
  • Movement
  • Questions
  • Love
  • Personalities
  • Travel
  • Writing


Building new perspectives and being willing to improve our ability to truly observe leads to curiosity. By curiosity, I don’t mean just the idea of curiosity. I’ll break down curiosity in my first blog in May!

For now… build your perspectives!



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