How to Stay on Your Path of Positivity

I think I can help anyone with this idea of staying positive, not because I’m positive… well, I am, yet I have been challenged many times in my adult life, as many of us have. The idea with this blog is not “Be happy all the time.” The idea is:

  • How to get back on the path of positivity
  • How to maintain that path
  • How to go beyond maintenance of positivity

Here’s how I like to think of it in three stages.


When I forget that I can choose my emotional state of being, I sometimes choose a negative state. While it’s for much briefer moments than in the past, I still find myself looking for my path of positivity. Without exception, the following simple and profound action works to help me regain my sense of positivity.

Finding something inside me that helps me embrace a sense of calm.

For some it’s breathing, and that is a very good idea, and something I use. However, I’m really talking about the mental game. Here are some things I’ve done to gain a sense of calm, even during a storm in my life.

  • Visualize a relaxing, yet empowering scene from nature
  • Intentionally focus on things for which I’m grateful
  • Bring back a memory of someone who guided me, who is no longer physically here

It is very empowering to remind ourselves that we have everything we need in ourselves to regain a sense of calm.


Once I have reclaimed my sense of calm, my next goal is to maintain that perspective for as long as possible. Sometimes it’s for an entire 10 minutes! Woohoo! Other times it’s for days and weeks. My “Calmness Stamina” is definitely improving. As I have improved I’ve noticed what has helped maintain this state of being for longer periods of time. They include, but are limited to:

  • Being intentional with whom I spend time
  • Being intentional with information I let into my head and heart
  • Being intentional with what kinds of physical spaces I spend time
  • Being intentional with the projects with which I’m involved

The impact for me, and for you, is very real related to those four statements.


So hypothetically you’ve regained your sense of calm and you're improving to maintain it. Like mastery of anything in life, you learn the techniques and reach a level that is so wonderful, the technique becomes second nature. You don’t have to think about the technique anymore. This is not to say that we shouldn’t practice the basic anymore, yet in general, the basics are part of our natural way of living. I have two things to share with you with regards to this new space of living. How do you “Create your own weather?” What does that mean?

For me, it means being the change you wish to see and experience

The second thing that has helped me reach this new, relaxing and exciting place is:

Serving the desires of others as authentically as I would like them to serve my desires.

When we take our focus off ourselves and we shine that spotlight on the people in our lives, amazing things begin to take place. Mostly, because people are drawn to authenticity.

People love to be seen, feel felt, and know that you recognize them for who they are and for who they are becoming.

Be that person.



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