How to Stay Young of Body and Mind – Part 1 of 3

Sustainability… we can define that word in many ways. This is the first of 3 blogs in July and August which focus on how we can sustain our body and mind in ways which will elevate our energy level. Another byproduct is the ability to sustain your overall health, brain function, and specifically your mindset. Mindset would include things such as:

  • Memory
  • Ability to think clearly
  • Decision-making

How quickly you are able to adapt to new ideas

  • How quickly you are able to adapt to new situations

Here are four tips, which have worked for me, and which are working for me now. I encourage you to try them out and make any adjustments for your particular needs and desires.


Something sour!

Fermented foods have a lot of healing properties, and in the U.S., we don’t eat nearly enough of these. Fermented foods are in a magical place between raw foods and cooked foods. They retain and even amplify the positive traits of raw foods, but are easier for many to digest. Of course, if your enzyme tank is healthy, you’ll be able to digest raw foods. The other upside to fermented foods is FLAVOR… so good and so good for us. Here is a link to the:


Here are some I recommend:

  • Kimchi (there are never ending variations on they type and flavor. Just because you don’t like one, doesn’t mean you don’t like Kimchi. It means you haven’t found your flavor yet.)
  • Sauerkraut
  • Pickled Onions (my favorite are red onions… on top of tacos with tortillas made out of either sweet potato or hemp)
  • Jalapeños
  • Carrots



What has worked wonders for me is working on deep stretching as a workout itself, and also before and after certain workouts. I essentially listen to my body and I notice where I’m feeling tight. I gained these skills by practicing Yoga, which I see as a vehicle to improved body and mind. Regarding Yoga, what I recommend is:

  • Begin with short 15 - 20 minutes beginner sessions.
  • Ideally find a yoga studio to learn from an expert.
  • To save money, research yoga videos online and practice at home.
  • Try different yoga instructors to embrace multiple perspectives which all aim at the same goal.
  • Make yoga a part of your weekly routine.
  • Ideally, practice some level of yoga 2 - 3 times per week.



Change the location and view of where you work, at least monthly. Better if it’s weekly or even daily. When we change the perspective of where we work (think changing the angle of your chair, or the coffeehouse you visit, etc. Our minds thrive when we are in new surroundings. It’s a simple, yet profound tweak. Here are some strategies I use.

  • Change the angle of your chair.
  • Change the height of your chair.
  • Change the angle of your computer screen.
  • Change the coffeehouse you visit.
  • Change the time of day you write.
  • Change the time of day you workout.

If you’re a homebody and you only get out at night, switch it up and go out during the day and stay home at night. You get the idea. Even the best routines can bolster complacency if unchanged.



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