How to Take Whatever You Do to the Next Level

Thankfully, because of the many mentors I’ve had in my life, I was taught how to improve myself in any area of my life. I didn’t think this was a big deal when I was younger, but today I see it as a key to my quality of life. Briefly, here are the areas I’ve been able to elevate my “game” from most recent to least recent (all continue to evolve, with the exception of the last two, which I am no longer involved):

I share this not to brag, but to plant the seed with you that “taking your skill to the next level” is possible in any walk of life.

A question I’ve been asked is, “Did you map all of that out?”

My answer: “No, nor do I think that would be possible.”

To be clear, it is possible to map anything out, but I don’t think it’s possible to map decades and decades into the future AND be as effective as you can be.

You might ask, why is that?

My answer: Because as soon as you lock in a plan over a lengthy period of time, you mentally close off the doors to many opportunities which will present themselves.

So, how have I done this?

Here are the keys, in my humble opinion based on my experiences:


(may not be obvious to everyone)

  • Have mentors in your life (you can recover from not having had any early on)
  • Set some goals with dates
  • Reset any missed goals
  • Build a strong work ethic


(may be obvious to some)

You might notice some patterns. You might not. I could write non-stop for days and still not be done with this blog. Instead, I’m going to let you get through the links I’ve included above.

I promise two things to you:

  1. I’ll revisit this topic in future blogs
  2. Clue: Understanding what I call the “Art of the Unknown” is crucial

Stay Curious,


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