Improve your Life: How to Ignite New Cycles of Thought

There are different kinds of routines. Most routines involve doing the same thing, in the same way, at approximately the same time of day or night. While some of these individual parts of a daily routine are positive in nature, this definition of a routine inherently leads to boredom, a lack of inspiration, less happiness, or all three.

Another way of looking at a routine, is a routine that shifts just enough to not be destabilizing, yet not as predictable. This kind of routine is one that can lead to a sense of self-inspiration and a kind of daily wonder. It can equate into a life with no ordinary moments. What would that feel like? Look like? How would this change your day to day experience as a human being?

All I can do is share with you what has worked for me and others I know. I have learned how to ignite new cycles of thought on at least a weekly basis, and sometimes daily. Here is part of what I do and HOW I do it… enjoy!


Simple concept, but one I didn’t use to do as much as I do now.

By move, I mean… physically move. Am I talking about exercise? That’s what I do, but I also love to dance salsa. Some people like to take walks, others swim and some go rock climbing. Choose your way of moving.  The key is…

Move in a different way from day to day, or at least week to week. Here is what I suggest:

Add into your calendar a:

  • Different kind of moving each day
  • Different time of day for that moving
  • Different lengths of time for each moving experience


Am I referencing meditation? Sure, that is something I enjoy greatly. However, there are many ways to reflect. Some reflect while knitting, others floating in a pool, and some while doing nothing at all. I know some folks who love to reflect while driving their car. The key is...

Reflect in a different way from day to day, or at least week to week. Here is what I suggest:

Add into your calendar a:

  • Different kind of daily reflection
  • Different time of day for that reflection
  • Different lengths of time for each reflective experience

For those new to this concept, what should you be reflecting on? It could be anything. To start out, I suggest reflecting on things such as:

  • The highlights of your day
  • Things and people for which you are grateful
  • What you perceive to be future highlights

Keep adding to that list!


Do I mean go to work? Sure, that would be one way of acting. I know many who go to work and this is their form of taking action. I know many who really enjoy being a part of their kids experiences, and this is certainly a great example of taking action. Some love to cook for their families and friends and this is also a wonderful version of taking action. The key and point is:

  • Reflecting, while a mental act, is not what I’m referencing as “Acting”
  • Talking about acting, while a step towards action itself, is not what I’m talking about

I’m talking about taking a measurable action that improves your quality of life.

If this is not happening for you where you work, consider alternative options that would feed both your family and your desire to live with fewer ordinary moments.


I mean this literally… lol

Reclaim all that you are and in doing so, you’ll find that there is yet more to experience.



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