MANTRAS & MINDSET for an Unknown Future

The moment you wake up.... What’s your first thought? What’s your first feeling?

When something you planned doesn’t work out like you thought it would…. What’s your first thought? What’s your first feeling?

When you’re falling asleep, or getting ready to go to bed… What’s a thought you have relatively often? How do you feel at that moment?

If you’re unfamiliar with the science behind how you feel being a huge clue for our own health and well being, know that there is a mountain of research that makes this, at the very least, worth your consideration. Here’s one study that shows a direct correlation to specific organs in the human body. 

When you become aware of how you feel in any given moment, you can begin to figure out what is helping you move forward in life, and what is not.

Let’s back it up one step prior to how you feel, and let’s think about the thoughts you had just prior to the feeling you experienced.

When you become aware of what creates the feeling you have, that being the thoughts you choose, you then empower yourself. You now can choose the quality of any experience in your life.

So, a question I would have if I were you, would include, but not be limited to: 

How do I choose the thoughts I have? 

You might even think that’s relatively difficult and maybe impossible. I used to struggle with this when adversity would present itself in my own life. Here is what I have done to improve greatly in this area, and you can do this too.



You choose your thoughts. It may appear that it’s not easy, and that appearance may be your reality, yet… think about it… you can change that reality in that moment. It’s simple, and sometimes not easy, and always, always… worth it.

  1. Choose a keyword, phrase, image, scent, sound, etc., which reminds you that you choose your thought.
  2. Use that stimulus to choose a positive thought that makes sense for you, and impacts your mindset.
  3. Ask yourself, “How do I want to feel right now?” “How do I want to feel in the next hour?” “How do I want to feel in the future?”
  4. Ask yourself, “What thought or thoughts will get me to the feeling I want, as soon as possible?”

This, like anything else in life, is a practiced Art.


Choose your thoughts.

Choose your emotional state of being.




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