Overcoming A Health Scare – Part 2

If you’ve not read Part 1 of this article, please do so you have context.

Last you heard about my health challenge, things were looking up, and they still are. I can feel my testosterone levels getting better and my general energy is also returning to normal. As a reminder, I am using mostly eastern/holistic practices to shrink the 2 centimeter benign tumor that is sitting on my pituitary gland. As a natural byproduct, this is gradually returning my IGF (growth hormone) back to normal. Last I shared with you, my initial IGF number was approx. 10x the normal. In January of 2018, it was 1,010. By the end of March, it was 928, with the use of homeopathic hormone creams.

I’m on day 11 of a self imposed purification, and I’m feeling great. By default, I’ve also lost 15 lbs, and yes, I’m getting all the nutrients I need, and more than most thanks to the brilliant guidance by Dr. Tim Harrigan. I also want to thank Dr. Alexander Zwart for his guidance as my endocrinologist, and my potential neurosurgeon, Dr. Sanan, who doesn’t think I’ll need pituitary tumor surgery, and I agree.

So, things are good, right? No more action needed, right? (Remember, “Action cures Fear”).

Not quite…. I was taught to sprint to the finish line, not jog or walk. I was taught to do this by my parents, grandparents and my many mentors. The reason I sprint to the finish line, is not to be the first, or to be better than some else. I sprint to the end:

To see how much I have left in my tank.

I sprint to the finish line:

To discover what my best looks like in any given moment.

So what does this “sprint to the end” look like in this case?

In addition to my purification (I use the Standard Process, Synergy Worldwide version.. think lots of green vegetables with half of them raw, no processed sugar, bread, coffee or alcohol), I decided to start intermittent fasting a week before the purification. Why? Because that has been shown to lower IGF.

So currently, here are the various strategies I’m using to get rid of my tumor and lower my IGF (in part 1, I describe how this leads to your bones continuing to grow over a long period of time, and the many byproducts of this growth).

  • Ultra Clean Diet (to untrigger tumor production)
  • Homeopathic Hormone Creams to balance hormones
  • Many natural supplements made by Standard Process (no fillers)
  • Meditation
  • Positive Mindset
  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Bromochriptine (a dopamine agonist, which has been shown to shrink and dissolve tumors)

No matter where you are in your life, my advice is:

Sprint to the finish line

You can and should do this in a manner that feels good to you physically and mentally. Not to say there may not be some discomfort, but do pay attention to your emotional response. Finally, reflect on what you’re doing that is working. Focus on what’s working for you and find more ways to replicate that into your daily and weekly routines.

Looking forward to sharing the details of this story on my travels to inspire us all, and to remind us that…

we are the ones we’ve been waiting for



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