Overcoming a Health Scare

Two years ago, a very good friend of mine, Dr. Spence McCleave, asked me an odd question while we were having one of our fancy dinners with friends where we choose an ingredient or a culture, and each of the men cook a dish representing that ingredient and/or culture. Spence asked me,

“Has your shoe size grown over that past number of years?”

I asked why and said he’d noticed changes in my facial features. He mentioned a condition called “Acromegaly.” I thought it was odd and discarded the comment. Last November of 2017 I was walking down the streets of New York City with another long time friend of mine, Billy Montgomery. We were on our way to the Public Theatre to see my amazing brother, Teddy Canez, act with Nia Vardalos. Billy and I had not seen each other in 30 years, not since our days at the University of Arizona. Billy turned to me and asked,

“May I ask you a profoundly personal question?”

“Sure,” I replied, wondering if he was alright.

“Has your shoe size grown over the past number of years? asked Billy.

I was very surprised, and asked why. Billy went on to describe a condition called, yep, you guessed it… Acromegaly. Folks with this condition, which is extremely rare, continue growing… as in their bones continue to grow. It’s a VERY slow process and symptoms include enlarging neck size, rib cage, jaw line, and foot size. Over time, it can create health challenges, if unchecked. If you have this condition, you also have a tumor, 99% of the time benign, on your pituitary gland, behind your nose and very near your brain. The goal for anyone with this condition is to get your Growth Hormones to stop producing, to stop the bone growth. Traditionally this is done by surgically removing the tumor. This takes a neurosurgeon to do his or her thing.

In April of 2018, I was officially diagnosed with the condition known as Acromegaly. My body’s growth hormone is off the charts… like 10 times normal (1,010 instead of 100 to 200, as of January 2018). Starting right after that, I took the following


  • I started taking two non-bio-identical homeopathic hormone creams, taken for 21 days with a 5 day break in between.
  • I made an appointment with Dr. Zwart, an endocrinologist.
  • I continued in contact with Dr. Harrigan, my chiropractor and general holistic practice guide
  • I made an appointment with Dr. Bejarano, my wife’s heart doctor, who checks my blood pressure annually.

The results from this action:

  • Dr. Zwart asked me have another blood work which took place in March
  • Dr. Zwart asked me to have an MRI, which happened in early April
  • Dr. Zwart mentioned concerns about me taking a hormone cream, mostly based on his lack of work with homeopathic approaches (he’s a great doctor!).
  • Dr. Bejarano said my was extraordinarily strong and my health excellent (I saw him to check my overall health in case surgery became an option I decided upon)

Gathering Information

  • My blood work showed my Growth Hormone at 928! My instinct told me the creams were working, because I hadn’t changed any other variable in that time regarding my health.
  • The MRI showed a large 2 centimeter tumor on my pituitary gland, which was expected...that’s a big one!

My Internal Response

  • While in general I chose to be positive and still do, I felt fear.
  • A subtle wave of fear would come over me sometimes.

What did I do? I took ACTION in some way, every day.


  • Dr. Zwart recommended surgery with Neurosurgeon, Dr. Sanan, and said that because of the size of the tumor, Dr. Sanan would probably suggest me taking “Sandostatin” a radiation based injection, to shrink the size of the tumor, making it more likely for Dr. Sanan to remove all of it.
  • I contacted my health insurance, “Health Choice” and asked if Dr. Sanan was on my provider’s list, and initially they said yes.
  • The next day Health Choice said that he was not on my list and that furthermore, surgery was not covered at all.
  • I checked the cost of this type of surgery and found out it can range anywhere from $20,000 to $100,000.

My Internal Response

  • I felt dejected for a short time.
  • I felt fear again.


  • I continued my communication with Dr. Harrigan, Dr. Zwart, my friends Spence (Dr. McCleave), Billy my brother Ted, and my wife Marie.
  • I ordered a number of supplements from Dr. Harrigan (he only uses the company Standard Process, and I have loved them in the past), specific to tumor reduction and pituitary glands.
  • I elevated my diet to a plant based (it was already partially a plant based diet)
  • I continued to work out aggressively
  • I continued to look for ways to de-trigger my tumor.
  • I reminded myself that I had already lowered by Growth Hormone by just under 10% in two months, just with the creams
  • I asked for my reports and MRI images to be sent to Dr. Sanan, and a highly recognized Neurosurgeon at Stanford University.
  • I will make sure to retrieve my copy of the images and report so I have a “Pre” report to be coupled with a “Post” report (see last bullet point).
  • I read that Tony Robbins also had Acromegaly and cured himself, and turned down, what was then an invasive surgery option.
  • I decided to take the month of May and June of 2018 to cure lower my Growth Hormone holistically and get rid of my tumor myself, with a combination of the above holistic applications, including meditation (which I’ve been doing for years) and redirecting energy and thought related to informing my pituitary gland to stop producing the unneeded Growth Hormone, and reducing the tumor to nothing.
  • Starting on May 17, I will go through a 21 day purification related to what I’m eating, having already experienced tremendous change in my body related to this approach.
  • In late June of 2018 I will have another MRI and another bloodwork done to look at the Growth Hormone number and the size and/or existence of the tumor (goodbye tumor!).

Feeling Empowered

  • I see this condition as an opportunity for tremendous growth in numerous areas.
  • I know the worst case scenario is that I lower the growth hormone and get rid of only part of the tumor, although I am confident I will self-cure.
  • In the case of the tumor still being there, I will then choose the best Neurosurgeon I can find, (most likely someone at Stanford University) and have the surgery.
  • I would offer a trade of my services as an educator involved in brain development as a means to lower the cost of the surgery and/or waive it completely.
  • If there is still a cost, I would then negotiate some type of payment plan.

My Internal Response

  • I sense only positive energy.
  • I sense my own body already shifting and mounting a huge effort which I know will result in me being in the best shape of my life, now and in the future.
  • I do not sense any fear.
  • I sense gratitude.

I share this with you because a long time ago, I heard a well known speaker, Les Brown, say “Action cures Fear.” He was right. Many times in my life, when I have sensed fear, I have put in alot of action, and EVERY time, the fear went away. Action does cure fear.

Life is a grand adventure… live it well.



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