OWN your DNA: Are We Capable Of More?

My Grandfather died of Alzheimers. Am I worried I might end up with that condition. No.

My youngest brother passed away from a heart attack. Am I worried I might have a heart attack. No.

I see my parents’ quality of life declining in their late 70’s and early 80’s. Will we all experience this at that age. Not necessarily.

We are told that our genes are very important. That is correct. What is more important is to understand that we can impact, and change, our gene expression. We get to choose much more than we are willing to admit. Why?

Most of us are undershooting our physical and mental capacity, and we don’t really want to admit this to ourselves.

This is not a judgement. It’s simply a statement. I certainly was undershooting my physical health and mental capabilities as I allowed myself to become very overweight (310lbs 13 years ago). If I had not changed my habits, I would have a number of serious health conditions. Instead I have the cardiovascular of a 28 year old (I’m 53). This is not arrogance or self-flattery. This is simply a fact and one of many examples of how we can all choose to…

  • Live a high quality of life
  • Live a longer life with high quality
  • Live with more purpose
  • Live with more joy

I’m going to keep this very short today, and suggest you read the following book as soon as you can.

LIFESPAN: Why We Age and Why We Don’t Have To

David Sinclair PhD

This book is a new release and the author was recently interviewed on NPR. To paraphrase David, we look at aging today like we used to look at Cancer in the 60’s. There are specific things we can do to engage our own self, at the DNA level without damaging our cells, to greatly improve our experience while we are here on planet earth. David asks the questions, really it’s a breadcrumb… “Would you like to get to know your great-grand-children?” Think about that.

We are capable of so much more from an intellectual point of view, regarding compassion, and why we are here, all of us… together, on this rock flying through space.

Read… consider… learn… share.



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