Re-imagine Your Perspective

When we look into a mirror, who do we see?  What do we see? Are we happy with who we are?  Without the pressure of having to share our most inner thoughts with anyone, how do we answer those questions for ourselves?

There is no one answer of course.  We each choose how to live our lives and each have our own definition of what living a life can mean.  I have always been attracted to people, places and things which inspire me.  For example, while I’m not a sports fanatic, I love to see athletes pushing themselves to the very edge of their ability.  It fills me with a sense of “I want to strive.”  When I hear an artist pouring every ounce of their energy into a performance, it fills me with the same sense of wanting to rise to higher ground.  As a young boy, I’d leave a movie, like Rocky, and I wanted to do something, do more, rise higher.  Is this a universal trait in humanity?  If so, do we lose this characteristic and if so, at what age and why?

So many questions, right?  My mentor, Dr. Carroll Rinehart, fed me questions until I realized that they existed to expand my perspective on life in everything I do and am. I hope to use questions to be a positive influence on you too.  Carroll spoke of building community.  I speak a lot about how we connect.  Years ago, my definition of community and connection were simple.  Today, my definitions are much more profound.  For example, I think of community as the internal community we build with our own thoughts and simultaneously I think of the community we build with others in a group as small as 2, to an entire city.  I have realized over time that building community is more about why we exist as compared to how we exist.

Here is a set of questions I’ll leave you with today:  When you think about your ideal reason for being here, what is that reason?  Why are you here?  Once you’ve answered it with your initial set of responses, let me do with you, what Carroll did with me…. Ready?  When you think about your ideal reason for being here, what is that reason?  Why are you here?

Create with joy… cheers!

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