STAMINA: Introducing Your Best You to You

Physical and mental stamina are essential to being able to strive and thrive. What we eat and drink has a direct impact on our stamina. While we become more aware of this as we age, the impact of energy-draining foods and drinks has an impact at any age. Most people know of the main culprits; sugar, white flour and anything processed with harmful chemicals. A very good question posed to me recently while I was giving a keynote was:

How can I get rid of my craving for sugar?

That is one of the million dollar questions. Why? Because when we can greatly lower our intake of sugars, white flour products and chemically filled foods, we allow our body to begin to heal, and a byproduct is…. you guessed it, Stamina!

Imagine waking up and being able to go until you choose to be done, instead of having to stop because you’re tired. Which do you want to be, the dog or the dog’s tail?

So, how can we change our craving for sugary foods, lots of bread, and processed foods? I’m about to share that with you. First, I want to qualify everything I’m about to share with you, with a very important statement.

  • I do eat sugary foods, but not very often.
  • I do eat bread (not every day), and I love bread. When I eat bread, it’s real bread with no preservatives.
  • It is rare that I eat anything which is processed.
  • Yes, I cook for my family, and I have gotten much better gradually over the last 26 years of cooking.
  • If I can go from 310 lbs to 244 lbs, with a massive increase in energy, so can you.
  • I took me 10 yrs… please beat my record, lol.


Sugar, White Flour products and Processed Foods (referenced as SWP below)

If you want a handout with all the specifics, go to the contact page and send me what you need.


  • No SWP of any kind, including fruits, steel-cut oatmeal, soda, coffee, alcohol, bread, dark chocolate, etc.
  • No to any sodas
  • No Dairy
  • Yes to any dark greens, low-sugar veggies like broccoli, celery, green beans, raw nuts, almond butter, etc.
  • Yes to lean proteins, including eggs
  • Yes to purified and/or spring water and green tea
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day (I drink half my weight in ounces of water)

WEEK 1, DAY 2 - 7

Same as above with the addition of:

  • Include some fruit, in moderation, but not at night. Stick to mostly berries.
  • Include some real bread, such as Dave’s killer bread or sprouted bread in moderation, but not at night.
  • Choose 2 days and allow yourself a sweet treat such as a muffin, cookie, etc.
  • Choose 1 day and allow yourself a dairy treat such as cheese with some crackers


  • Replicate Day 1 from Week 1 for 2 consecutive days
  • Replicate Days 2-7 from Week 1 for 5 days


  • Replicate Day 1 from Week 1 for 3 consecutive days
  • Replicate Days 2 - 7 from Week 1 for 4 days but choose only 1 day for treats in moderation


  • Replicate Day 1 from Week 1 for 5 consecutive days with only 1 day for real treats


It’s up to you at this point. You can keep replicating Week 4. My suggestion is to do that and add the following parameters:

  • Take Dairy out completely and replace with almond milk and coconut milk
  • Allow yourself to eat dark chocolate, in moderation, several times a week (By moderation I mean 1 - 2 squares)
  • Allow yourself some of the higher in sugar fruits a couple of times a week (Bananas and Apples should be tasting very sweet to you at this time)

Do that, not even perfectly, and you’ll notice your energy and stamina increase dramatically.

I would love to hear some more testimonials… cheers!


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