Step Up Your Level: Using Language to Shape a Literate Brain

A literate brain? How about we start right there, or perhaps it would be more effective to say,

Let’s ignite a neurological flame which will engage new centers of your brain!

I enjoy living in the world of elevated thought AND in the world of concrete action. With that in mind, here’s a simpler way of putting it.

Let’s wake up our brain and use it in different ways!

Today’s blog is based on both research and evidence. My own evidence of how I have used language to continually re-shape the capabilities of my brain. Here’s something that is fascinating, which you just experienced. Are you aware that you experienced it?  I just said the same thing, in two different ways, and if you ponder your response to each of those ways, you will find that each response was different.

I just said…

Let’s ignite a neurological flame which will engage new centers of your brain!

I then said the same thing in a different way.

Let’s wake up our brain and use it in different ways!

Look at the words in each of those sentences and say each one aloud. Say them then silently and be aware of your reaction to each phrase. The content is the same, yet your response was mostly likely different. My responses varied from an:

  • Emotional perspective
  • Contextual perspective
  • Engagement perspective

The words we use can be both meaningless and deeply meaningful. When we are intentionally wanting to build capacity, in any situation, we have the opportunity to use language to lay the groundwork for meaningful growth.

So how do we raise our level as educators, entrepreneurs, managers, doctors, lawyers, inventors, engineers, actors, etc.?  There are many ways and I speak to that in many of my blogs. One thing to be aware of is how we use language… mostly our internal language.

  • How do we speak to our own self?
  • Are we kind to our own self?
  • Do we affirm our own self?
  • Do we repeat the same mantra, never changing the tone or words?

OR… do we find ways to use new language and inflection to light up our ability to think creatively and overcome challenges which present themselves.

Certainly, it takes consistent effort and a practiced work ethic to manifest any idea into reality. My point is that our inner talk precedes either the consistent decision to put in significant effort or very little effort. It is our inner talk which also precedes the quality of said effort. Did you know that our inner talk is impacted by our use of language?

“Our intuition builds cognition”, Dr. Daniel Siegel from the book Mindsight.

This is another way to point out that our subconscious mind takes information we speak and think about literally. What does this mean?

  • Choose your words and thoughts carefully.
  • Create positive habits of mind.
  • Choose to reword your spoken verbage to keep the messages exciting for your mind.
  • Choose to re-visualize your thoughts to keep your subconscious on a positive journey.

It may seem too simple, and it is, yet it’s also profound. While the research is impressive in this area (even though I’ve only mentioned the work of Dr. Siegel), what is most impactful is that I know people who have used this approach to improve their lives. I am one of those people and so are you.

Best wishes!


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