SUCCESS: What Is It And How Anyone Can Embrace It

Success is in the eye of the beholder, right? It may very well be, and yet I find that to be both accurate and vague. Accurate in that we each do choose our description of what success is to us, within the perspectives which make up our own reality. However, to leave it there is too vague if we are to act on creating success. Thus, the real point here is:

How can anyone embrace success?

As a young boy I was taught by my parents to go after whatever I was passionate for, and I did, and it has served me well. Music was my passion, however, today, music is just one of passions. What does this say about success?

  • Are we supposed to stay focused only on one passion in our life?
  • Is it possible to sustain success with more than one passion?

My experience tells me that not only is it possible to sustain success with more than one passion, but that it is necessary to have more than one area of passion, for the quality of success to be profound and lasting.

This is of course colored by my own perspective, and by that of thousands of teachers, artists, entrepreneurs, children and families. This ongoing experience has shed much light on how multiple passions lead to a profound and internal sense of success. Here is a simple description of how my multiple passions have led to a success which I would describe as evolving in both personal and professional relevance.


This passion started out with the performance of music and led to the creating of music.


This passion started out with grilling proteins, and led to the creating of my own recipes.


This passion started out as a struggle to write, and led to the creating of my own blogs.


This passion started out as my attempt to start a music and education foundation, and has led to be creating my own intellectual property in multiple areas. This passion impacted my passions of music, cooking, and writing in positive and unexpected ways.

Health and Wellness

This passion started out with me attempting to “recover” from being overweight and unhealthy, and has led to the creating of my own strategies in health and wellness strategies.  This passion impacted all of my other passions.

So, did I have multiple passions, or are they all part of one passion?

In my next blog, I’ll talk about how to identify a sustainable path to success. For now, I encourage you to give some thought to your multiple passions. You know you have more than one. Embrace them all.



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