The Embedded Power of our Thoughts: How We Manifest Our Reality and What We Can Do to Make it More Positive

  • As you read these words, did you know you are already manifesting your reality?
  • Did you know that if you force a smile on your face, your brain interprets this as literally, “Oh, you’re happy… we’re happy… cool.” Might take a while to hold, but this works, even in dire situations.
  • Did you know that when you move, as in exercise, dance, move, etc., this changes your neurological ability to think clearly and be positive?

So, you’re manifesting right now… yes… you.

I wonder what you’re manifesting? Western medical research has already shown that they can measure the energy of our thoughts. This used to be thought of as “Strange, out-there, woo-woo” stuff. What’s strange is:

As a society we tend to only believe what others have researched, and we tend to ignore our own evidence-based practices and intuition.

So what are you thinking about right now. Whatever it is, you’re right, so...

Choose Wisely

  • Choose your thoughts
  • Choose your words
  • Choose those who receive your time
  • Choose your projects
  • Choose your priorities

Is this always easy? Sometimes it is, yet like any new routine, it can be a struggle at times, especially to keep it consistent. You will not receive any judgement from me. Suffice it to say, you have the ability to choose.

Our Brains are not as smart as our Minds

  • Our brains are awesome… no question.
  • Our minds are the 800 lb gorilla.
  • Our minds rule our brain and remainder of our body.
  • My nana was right, and so was my mom…

Everything inside your mind, can become real…it does become real…

Choose wisely,


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