The Role of Vulnerability and Why We Need to Embrace it

Our existence evolves.

There is no neutral for our brain or mind. We are either seeking newness or accepting oldness. We are either embracing the unknown or living in the known. Can both be happening simultaneously? I believe so, and this balance of new and old is natural, so perhaps a very relevant question we should ask ourselves is…

What percentage of our time are we engaged with something new?

The key is to seek newness. This can be uncomfortable and can create the sensation of being vulnerable, which is a word which often carries with it negative connotations. It can also carry positive connotations. For example:

Vulnerability can be empowering for us when:

  • We open up to our children
  • We ask open-ended questions
  • We cook something we’ve never cooked before
  • We wear something we’ve never worn before
  • We workout in a new way

I’m sure some might suggest:

  • We could hurt ourselves if we workout in certain ways
  • We could be made fun of if we wear something new
  • We might not like the new food we try
  • We might receive responses we didn’t expect if we ask open ended questions
  • Our children might notice our imperfections if we open up to them

My response would be:

If we model an attempted version at perfection for our next generation, how will this impact their mindset, health and production?

To be fair, one of the reasons I’m so comfortable with being vulnerable includes some of the following:

  • A very positive childhood
  • Amazing mentors at every stage of life AND
  • Seeing people in my life hide from being vulnerable

If you’re uncomfortable with putting yourself out there for the world to see, know that is a beginning point, and not an ending point. Here is my suggestion:

  • Find someone who is honest with you, and that also cares for you.
  • Share with them something about yourself that is vulnerable AND that you believe, if unleashed could turn into something good.

Like what? You might have a/an…

  • new business idea
  • poem you want to write
  • new recipe
  • new way of wanting to speak to your parents
  • new sport you want to try
  • play for which you want to audition
  • interest in switching careers

When you begin embracing vulnerability, which is a form of what I call “embracing the unknown”, you will feel a combination of emotions. Usually discomfort and excitement simultaneously. From experience, I can share with you that this evolves into mostly excitement, with very little, if any discomfort. When the discomfort surfaces, which it still does for me sometimes, the draw towards the unknown is so strong, the level of discomfort continues to lessen over time.

You will break your bonds, the ones we make for ourselves, which are the most confining of all.

Vivir la Vida,


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