What is Authenticity?

What is real? Emotions, love, umami?

What are some things which are hard to define? Emotions, love, umami?

Some general statements about our society and individual human beings:

we sometimes shy away from things and/or people, whom we find hard to quantify

we sometimes shy away from things and/or people who are easy to quantify

Some general statements about Love:

we can desire it

we can fear it

Some general statements about how I am writing this blog:

I am excited to write what I’m writing

I don’t know what I’m about to write until my fingers hit the keyboard at 110 words per minute

The yin and yang of life is at what I believe to be at the core of experiencing a life that is meaningful to each of us, in our own way. I have found that it’s less about what is yin and what is yang and more about:

Surrendering to both in each moment

Another way to look at this idea of how we experience life, relationships, business, family, eating, love, and all that life has to offer us is looking at the potential paradox that we define with the words:

Realistic and Idealistic

  • What if they co-exist instead of compete?
  • What if they are the same thing, and the only real difference is our perspective?
  • Is anyone or anything trying to purposely or mistakenly attempt to define states of being for us?

As you can see, this blog is almost over. If you find yourself frustrated because there is no quantifiable answer being proposed, may I lovingly suggest that you should seek better questions and worry less about the answers. I will offer a follow up to this blog on June 17, 2019 titled:

Balance? Is it a thing?

In closing, I ask you to ask yourself and those you collaborate the following question:

Who owns all the keys to the castle?

I’ll let you answer that…

If I heard your answer as I think I did, my response would be… exactly

Ask better questions


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