What People Are Saying

Enrique brought an energy, creativity, and passion to our meeting unlike any other keynote before him!  He delivered a highly informational and motivational message, and engaged the audience so much that the two breakout sessions were packed to capacity. Enrique’s combination of education, arts, and music created a unique learning formula that resonated tremendously for our conference attendees, and he was most definitely the highlight of our event!

~ Marcie Craig Post, Executive Director, International Literacy Association
Enrique Feldman is a renaissance man! He is one of the best connectors I know and truly cares about building relationships with people. This serves him well in engaging diverse audiences to promote cutting-edge brain science with music and movement. He is dynamic in presentations, clear in sharing information in some of the most creative ways possible and he leaves participants always wanting to know more! If you are looking for someone who knows his subject matter, cares deeply about teachers and their work with young kids AND provides groups with real-time tools to use after he is gone--Enrique "Hank" Feldman is the right pick for your group!

~ Diane Umstead, Community Leader, Former Program Director, Early Head Start

~ Conference attendee, 2018 Prevent Child Abuse Arizona Conference
His energy and positivity was contagious! I especially appreciated the recognition that people with “happy childhoods” can still suffer and experience trauma. I think this tends to be understated when focusing on abuse.

~ Conference attendee, 2018 Prevent Child Abuse Arizona Conference
Enrique Feldman’s ability to lead educators “out of the box” is incredible! Love, laugh, and learn with Enrique!

~ J Rachiell
...an amazing thought leader, creative, inspirational speaker, composer, performer and beautiful man!

~ Rick Wamer, International Performing Artist, Co-Founder, Embody Learning®
Enrique is so engaging! Truly a great speaker. He makes you want to listen and be involved.

~ Conference attendee, 2018 Prevent Child Abuse Arizona Conference
Enrique is an extremely creative outside-the-box thinker whose ideas can lead to real solutions. His positive energy reflects the unique different beat he follows. He bravely approaches every project with conviction of success.

~ Ruben Moreno, Music Educator, Performing Artist
An experience that I didn’t want to end!

~ Mayela Hess, Teacher, Centennial High School
This workshop offered some great ideas to make science an art and art a science.

~ Heather Witt
People need to communicate as fluidly with their bodies and minds as with their technology, and Enrique teaches us how.

~ Brooke Cannon, Teacher, Wasden Elementary School, Las Vegas, Nevada
Enrique was the keynote speaker for the 2013 Sonoran Alliance for Youth Conference and participants were truly inspired by him. "Enrique is so uplifting." "Enrique is the best!" "Love his work!"

~ Linda Kubiak, Director of Community Services, Vail School District
I did not know Enrique personally the first time I asked him to come in to connect with my organizations teams and invited him with the support of a trusted friend. Wow, were we surprised and excited for what that weekend of personal, leadership and team development ended up being. His fresh and unique approach was refreshing and challenging in a way that makes you want to act, grow and implement new ways of thinking. I have invited him back and been involved in a number of his keynotes and PD sessions and each one still leaves me thinking and smiling with a new sense on how to work on myself personally, with my team and even with my family.

~ Taylor Anderson, Creative Director, Victory Worship Center, Owner at Evoke Creative Studios
It’s outside the box of the “normal” education workshop and it is better because you walk away feeling inspired while full of new ideas

~ Jennifer Walls, Teacher, Rancho Middle School
He’s incredible. Engaging, courageous, heart-centered. Wonderful to see him presenting new material. Love him so much- what an inspiration!

~ Conference attendee, 2018 Prevent Child Abuse Arizona Conference
This is the type of professional development you leave with 100 new ideas, immediately implement, and want to come back to hear more the next night.

~ Brooke Cannon
Enrique reminded me to think like a child and how we should learn – through play and movement.

~ Melessa Mehl
I always appreciate Enrique’s presentations and the ways he links movement, music and content. I am uplifted.

~ Conference attendee, 2018 Prevent Child Abuse Arizona Conference
Mind – body – imagination – Blown! Kaboom!.

~ Amy Cardivali, Teacher, Bell Elementary School, Las Vegas, Nevada
Enrique led us in learning that our mind can be put over matter. Using a visualization experience, everyone exceeded their expectations… it was amazing! I never truly thought that changing your thought pattern could show results in real life. Imagine if you can just get people to really visualize their success; it could change their whole life.

~ Julie Calderon, Student, University of Arizona
What a surprise to hear from his children- thank you!

~ Conference attendee, 2018 Prevent Child Abuse Arizona Conference
I felt beautiful. A feeling that I often don’t experience because of my busy schedule, high levels of stress and because often times I am too busy helping others and worrying about their feelings instead of mine, but for one moment on Wednesday, November 4th, I felt beautiful. That is how our guest speaker Enrique C. Feldman made me feel during his whole presentation.

~ Irasema Saavedra, Student, University of Arizona
WOW! SAM! Such a heartbreaking story but so inspiring. She’s such a great speaker. Love her!

~ Conference attendee, 2018 Prevent Child Abuse Arizona Conference
I have been a fan of yours since before we met, watching you teach math through music and movement in a YouTube video, I knew you had something special! Seeing you in action with kids and adults is a true experience. The students and adults who have had these experiences are not only engaged but excited! What a true pleasure to know you and work with you!

~ Emily McVey, Founder, Director of Development and Outreach, Foothills Leadership Academy
Enrique C Feldman presented this past Wednesday. He seemed like an average guy, but then went on to blow my mind. Right away you could tell that he loves what he does. He led through some fun and entertaining brain games and taught us in an engaging new way. He taught us about perspective by using our bodies in fascinating and humorous ways. The message was to deem anything impossible. I thought this was great because many times people need reminders to look at all perspectives and not just their own.

~ Julie Calderon, Student, University of Arizona
Love, love, loved the entire presentation! Loved the use of family and their experiences.

~ Conference attendee, 2018 Prevent Child Abuse Arizona Conference
Enrique’s keynotes are always spot on and deeply inspirational and motivating. His depth of knowledge in understanding the learning environment and process of children through adults exemplifies his dedication to life-long learners and how to continually evolve our own capacities to learn and apply that learning in our lives. His brain games are contagious and a delight, while challenging us to build an empathic bridge to understanding the heart, mind and spirit of play that encompasses all learning in the child, allowing us to extend our authentic selves into the light of day, connecting with one another and the world we are one with.

~ RICK WAMER, Founder, WamerMime, Artist and Educator, 2016 Buffalo Exchange Artist and Educator Achievement Award
I was focused on myself, focused on challenging myself with the different movements being demonstrated and mainly focused on what I was feeling. I felt accomplished because I seemed to be able to figure out even the most troublesome brain games.

~ Irasema Saavedra, Student, University of Arizona
Stunning. Never heard a speaker like this young woman before. I bet her journals/writing are just amazing. Congrats to the father who raised her and the nana who influenced them both. And then that young man- insightful and lovely. This presentation was worth the price of the whole conference!!!

~ Conference attendee, 2018 Prevent Child Abuse Arizona Conference
This is a fun way to learn to try something new and develop greater awareness of our physical and mental self.

~ Dikka Rian, Teacher, Adams Elementary School, Las Vegas, Nevada
Words can’t even describe how absolutely AMAZING Enrique and his children were!!

~ Conference attendee, 2018 Prevent Child Abuse Arizona Conference
After a long day at work, I was fully engaged to the maximum potential!

~ Amanda Gubler
Enrique walked in and set a different vibe, allowing us to turn our attention to him, then later to his words, movements and finally his music. His entire presentation was to deliver the message, to inspire others to inspire themselves, and I believe that is exactly what he did. He made us experience the concept physically by referencing inspiration through movement and interaction.

~ Irasema Saavedra, Student, University of Arizona
I am always looking for other ways to get my students engaged. This was an amazing workshop for group interaction and discourse.

~ Teresa Prezgay, Teacher, Las Vegas Academy
This interactive workshop was inspirational!

~ Debbie Smith
He had us engaged with brain games and my mind felt soothed and focused by the end of this activity. I would love to try this activity with some of my students that I volunteer with. I think something that can refocus kids, but is also fun is an incredibly beneficial tool. I work with kids often and they are an easily distracted group, so being able to refocus them with a game-like activity is perfect.

~ Julie Calderon, Student, University of Arizona
Loved the brain games!

~ Conference attendee, 2018 Prevent Child Abuse Arizona Conference
Enrique has helped to change the mindset of early childhood care, and he has changed the way our professionals go about their daily work. Enrique has brought new perspectives, but not only that, he brings techniques that can be implemented immediately. Enrique’s workshops, and even his keynote addresses are fun, interactive, meaningful and full of ideas that can be taken back for immediate use. Anyone who has heard Enrique will never teach the same way again.

~ MARK BECKER, ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY PBS, Associate Director, Educational Outreach, Director, Arizona Early Childhood Workforce Registry
The challenge of “brain games” can easily engage all learners at their level. I can get my students’ minds quickly engaged while still having fun. It’s an easy place to start incorporating the arts with all of my teachers.

~ Emily Baitros, Principal, Del Sol Academy
Very powerful. Able to immediately bring what I learned today back to the classroom!

~ Della Scott, Educator, Duncan Elementary School
I am at a loss for words; and I am very much grateful I was able to attend this keynote.

~ Conference attendee, 2018 Prevent Child Abuse Arizona Conference
After going through the activities and feeling the way I felt, I thought this is exactly how young children are supposed to feel and adults as well. I feel that we forget how it is to feel challenged, accomplished and beautiful once we grow up. Somewhere in between the lines we forget to dedicate a moment to ourselves because we get so caught up in between work, school, stress and life. It is important to introduce this to children at a young age in order for them to make it a habit and continue for many years.

~ Irasema Saavedra, Student, University of Arizona
Enrique was amazing and inspirational.

~ Jessica Cimins
This workshop evoked the emotion and participation I want to see on my campus! A smiling learner is a successful learner.

~ John Belgeri, Teacher, Canyon Springs High School
Teachers for Clark County School District need continual professional development that supports the learner through the work of Enrique Feldman and his organization.

~ Richelle Sieland, Dearing Elementary School, Las Vegas, Nevada
Excellent, excellent! His daughter’s story was profound! So vulnerable! Loved his family!

~ Conference attendee, 2018 Prevent Child Abuse Arizona Conference
Enrique shared a story about a pianist who was asked, “How do you memorize thousands of notes?” The response was I don't memorize thousands of notes, I memorize about a dozen patterns. This was a mind-blowing moment for me. I had never thought about reading as just memorization of patterns. We don¹t memorize notes or words... we memorize patterns, and that is beautiful. I will take these lessons with me in my life and pass them on to my students. He did an amazing job!

~ Julie Calderon, Student, University of Arizona
Students using music to read will learn not just how to read, but how to read with purpose and emotion.

~ Rachel Larsen, Teacher, Allen Elementary School
Enrique Feldman is so helpful in his workshops! He makes sure the content is relevant to all.

~ Casandra Perry, Teacher, Tate Elementary School
We need more people to hear the story of his daughter, Sam.

~ Conference attendee, 2018 Prevent Child Abuse Arizona Conference
Enrique has provided several keynote and workshop presentations through a variety of events the Association for Supportive Child Care (ASCC) has sponsored over the past several years. Participants always share their positive comments and enthusiasm for Enrique. He is a popular speaker and has the ability to connect with all providers, no matter the level of education or the language they speak. He is engaging, humorous, and humble and always brings everything back to the children and the reason we chose the early childhood field as our profession. His passion for music and the arts shines through everything he does and I am so glad to call him a colleague and friend.

~ Barb Gordon, Association for Supportive Child Care